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Happy New Year 2024 – Resolve to find Jesus

One of my favorite inspirational stories in the Bible is the story of the Three Wise Men.  It is a story that ignites my imagination and I hope that it may do the same for you as you ponder a new year.  As you consider resolutions or renewing your commitments that have waned, read the…
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2023 Christmas Blessing from The TEFFAS Project 

Perspective is an important element to unleashing your potential and finding your purpose in life.  At the TEFFAS Project, we are committed to helping you discover untapped spiritual potential lying within and we are here to support your journey to becoming a Christian Spiritual Superhero in God’s Kingdom here on Earth.  Before providing you our…
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Success through proper thinking

Success through Proper Thinking Success is a concept that has fascinated humanity for centuries. People from all walks of life strive to achieve success in their personal and professional endeavors. While there are various factors that contribute to success, one often overlooked aspect is the power of proper thinking. In this article, we will explore…
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