Fear no evil

Fear no evil

Psalm 23. It conjures so many inspiring reflections and meaningful thoughts. Most of us jump to the first verse, however, I’m not writing today about trusting in the Lord no matter how appropriate it may be to reflect on the elimination of greed in our lives during this season of “getting”.

No, today, and every day, I’m 100% focused on helping you unleash your Christian Spiritual Potential on the world!  To do that we must examine verse 4. (See Psalm 23:4). How many times have we considered or said this scripture.

“Though I may walk in the shadow of the valley of death, I will fear no evil. “

Do we really…

fear no evil?

In my experience, Fear is the most common reason we Christians CHOOSE to limit our love of God and stunt our expression of faith. 

Just think of it!  What could you do in your family, community and the world with a total lack of fear and overwhelming faith?

Keep in mind, Jesus said it wouldn’t take much from you but Faith the size of a mustard seed.

Stop right now and let’s take inventory of your fear. Here are a few possibilities:

I fear failure.

I fear rejection.

I fear humiliation.

I fear ridicule.

I cannot snap my fingers and make this go away for you, but I can give you a practical guide for eliminating all fear, uncertainty and doubt in your life.

1) Fear is a choice. You can choose to accept that garbage into your soul, or you can fight back.

2) Think small steps. When you fight back, what you are doing is breaking out of old behavior patterns and attempting to form new ones. Fear keeps you locked in. When you step forward and attempt something new like sharing your faith with others, you are beginning to take control of your fears.

3) Practice!  When you begin, you may feel some anxiety. That is ok, it just means you are very much alive and no longer dead in your fearful habits. To reduce the anxiety, keep practicing and eventually you will get stronger and more comfortable.

Don’t let fear keep you from unleashing your Christian Spiritual Potential!

God Bless!


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